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WBI's 'Are We Here Yet?' Podcast

Aug 8, 2020

In Episode #18 'Reconnect to Your Humanity' we discuss the physical and spiritual return to the land, to a sense of rurality and of knowledge and to our humanity with Wesleyan student Levi Baruch. 

Levi Baruch is a 20 year old student, writer, and multidisciplinary artist. He is far from home now, studying landscape...

Aug 1, 2020

On another spiritually liberating and economic developing episode of the "Are We Here Yet?" Podcast, Scott and Cam join their guest Professor of business Elmer Eubanks.

Elmer is a Business Professor at Mount Wachusett Community College(MA).  He is a leader among the business and education community of the central MA...

Jul 25, 2020

In Episode #16 'Break Every String' We focus on what's important to crafting a meaningful career and life in the arts.  Cam and Scott speak with Pioneer Valley writer Joshua Michael Stewart.  His groundbreaking book of poetry 'Break Every String' was released to critical acclaim in 2016.  He is the managing editor of...

Jul 23, 2020

In Episode #15 'From the Presidents Office' we speak with Jen Benson, President of the Alliance for Business Leadership in key issues in Massachusetts business including climate change, transportation, renewable energy and entrepreneurship.  

Jen Benson

About The Alliance for Business Leadership:

The Alliance for Business...

Jul 21, 2020

We talk rural economic development, running for local office, small business and podcasting with our good friends Sawtooth Frank and Stomping Jenn.  These two are veteran podcasters with the highly entertaining show The Soft Serve Podcast.  You’ll be hearing loads from this interview in future episodes as well, we all...